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Connecting Owners and Contractors How Technology Enables Connected Construction

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Project management information systems (PMIS) have improved processes and the exchange of data between owners and the project team. This study demonstrates the high level of satisfaction owners and contractors have for the systems they are using now, and the degree to which they find that data connectedness in general has improved on their projects in the last three years. The positive ratings are rooted in the owners' ability to manage their entire program, rather than individual projects, and the degree to which they improve the speed with which contractors get paid or get responses to RFIs and submittals. However, the potential for greater improvement is still very high, especially the potential of having the entire team on a single software platform. The study shows that 90% of the contractors have had to use an owner's PMIS system, which leads them to either do double data entry or fail to include the project in their own PMIS system. This not only has cost and productivity implications, but it also can lead to a loss of valuable data for the contractors, and in this era, analyzing data is becoming increasingly more important for contractors to remain competitive. The findings in this study reveal that owners need greater awareness of this challenge and that the industry as a whole will continue to benefit as the flow of data gets easier between owners and their project teams. S M A R T M A R K E T BR IE F INTRODUCTION Introduction ABOUT THIS SMARTMARKET BRIEF CONTENTS 2 Benefits and Challenges of Contractors' Use of Owners' PMIS Use of a PMIS, generally and for RFIs and submittals—Owner requirements for contractor use of the owner's PMIS and increased risks contractors face as a result—Added value of seamless work flow for submittals and RFIs 10 Improving the Construction Progress and Payment Process Challenges include contractors' use of manual methods and subjective means to measure progress, the time required for contractors to assemble payment applications and time required for owners to pay contractors—Measure of value of a single platform 19 Improving Data Connectedness Satisfaction with current levels of data connectedness across project teams and best means of improving connectedness in the future 21 Owner Perspectives 23 Key Findings 26 Research Demographics 28 Contacts © Dodge Data & Analytics w w Premier Par tner: e-Builder SmartMarket Brief: Connecting Owners and Contractors 1

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