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April Update - Drawing Enhancements

(Publish date: April 18, 2020)

Drawing Enhancements 

Drawings are an integral part of the construction process. Getting your current drawings, accessing previous drawings, or ensuring that only some drawings are available to users - these are essential aspects of good drawing versioning and management. 


ProjectSight introduced several new enhancements that will prove essential when managing your drawings:

Superseded stamp

Default ‘superseded’ stamp


When viewing a drawing revision with an ‘Old Revision’ or ‘Not Current’ status, a ‘superseded’ stamp will now be automatically added. This stamp is also included when the drawings are downloaded or included in a report. This will ensure that only the latest drawings are being used for construction. 


This stamp is off by default. To enable it, turn it on for your projects.
Drawing record settings 

You can also use your own custom stamp.

Custom superseded stamp


Upload your custom stamp to the Drawings record settings. 

Drawing records settings - Custom superseded stamp


The default image is turned off automatically but you can use the ‘Use Default Image’ toggle to switch between the default and your custom stamp.

Drawings - Publishing Enhancements

ProjectSight now offers you added flexibility and control over drawing versioning. 

Publish As

If you have older drawings that you wish to publish, use the ‘Publish As’ column (renamed from ‘Version History’) to indicate that you are publishing a ‘Not Current’ version of the drawing. 

Publish As column for an unpublished drawing

ProjectSight will automatically determine the ‘Publish As’ setting by evaluating the revision date of the new drawing. If the revision date of the new drawing precedes the revision date of the current version, this setting will be set to ‘Not Current’. 

Obsolete, Current, Not Current Drawing Status

Without deleting drawings and to maintain your audit trail, you can remove published drawings from the Drawings module. Simply open the drawing set and change the drawing’s status to ‘Obsolete’. Obsolete drawings will only appear in the drawing set where they originated.


In addition, if you wish to mark a drawing as the most current version, open the drawing set and change the drawing’s status to ‘Current’. The status for other revisions in the drawing series changes automatically to ‘Not Current’.


Status column for a published drawing

Reports - Saving to the File Library

Printed reports can now be automatically saved to your File Library.

Print Report - File Library

When you print a report, it is placed in the corresponding folder for the record type. 


Example: For RFIs: Project Documents > RFIs > RFI Number folder

Miscellaneous Enhancements

Dashboard - External Links

An external link from your dashboard to a website or another browser-based system can be a handy and easy way to access more information. 

To add an external link to your dashboard, go to your Portfolio or Project Settings. Specify if you wish to open these links on a new tab, new window or on the current frame.


For more information, please see the online help section in ProjectSight.