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August 2019 - Add Custom Views to Your Dashboard

Add Custom Views to your Dashboard

Need a quick way to track important items on your project? We've recently enhanced ProjectSight's custom views so that you can make a custom view appear directly on your dashboard. These custom dashboard widgets give you increased visibility into your project, while also providing easy access to records requiring your attention.

Some common examples include:

  • Submittals - Pending My Action
  • Potential Change Orders - Ready for Review
  • Punch Items - Pending Reinspection
  • RFIs - Open


Using the new icons in the View list, you can easily add your custom views to the dashboard:


  •  (No filters) : Your custom view has been saved without any filters applied from the Search panel. Make sure to apply the filters so you can add the view to the dashboard. 
  • The custom view is ready to be added to the dashboard. Click the icon to add the view.
  • The custom view has been added to the dashboard. Click it again to remove it from the dashboard and the dashboard organizer.

Once added, the custom view will appear on your dashboard. Any records matching the custom view’s filters will appear in the new dashboard widget. Simply click on a record to access it, or select the title of the widget to jump straight to the custom view.