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December 2019 - Create Drawing Measurement Annotations on Your Drawings

(Release date: Dec 10, 2019)

Drawing Measurements

Do you need to measure a drawing to quickly determine how much material you need to order? Or perhaps you’ve identified a potential design issue and need to ensure that the proposed size meets your needs. Using the new drawing measurement tools, you can now perform measurement annotations on your drawings.

Start by calibrating your tool to set your default scale.


Set Default Scale for Drawing Measurement
Measurement calibration tool



Set default scale


Choose to draw a line, polyline and polygon measurement annotations on the drawing.


Measurement Tools for Drawings

Measurement options


Drawing Measurement

Area measurement

To draw more precise lines, there is also a portfolio setting that enables snapping for measurement annotations. When you draw an annotation, the line will be moved automatically to the nearest point or line in the drawing.


Snapping for Measurement


For more information, please see the online help section.