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February 2020 - Daily Reports - New UI, Automatic Weather Entries, Track Detailed Labor

(Release date: Feb 10, 2020)

Daily Reports - Automatic Weather Entries

You’ve got a busy day ahead at the job site with many items to review and a daily report to fill out. Let ProjectSight take a load off your day by automatically entering weather entries into your daily




Start by setting up your daily report to automatically add weather entries. Enter the local time range, the area information, and then select the project’s local weather station from where it will pull weather details.


If necessary, supplement this information with additional manual input. Keep in mind that automatic entries are added until the project’s end date.

Automatic Total Rainfall

Calculating your daily total rainfall can also be automated. If your local weather station provides a precipitation summary, and the Total Rainfall field is locked in the daily report, the total rainfall is added automatically at the end of the day.


Daily Reports - Track Detailed Labor 


Using ProjectSight’s detailed labor card, you can quickly and easily record the type of worker, their working hours, their start and end time, as well as any breaks taken during their shift. 



The detailed labor card can be enabled from your project settings.



Daily Reports - New UI

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have revamped how daily reports are organized! Daily reports are now organized into three sections to quickly display the latest at a glance. To see each section’s details, simply click the down arrow.



Column Sorting

Sorting your columns is now available! Simply click a column header to sort by ascending or descending order. When applicable, the records are then sorted by the Number column and by the Revision column. The column sorting is also included when you create a custom view.


For more information, please see the online help section.