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June Upgrade - Staying Connected

Notification Settings

Staying connected and up-to-date on conversations regarding your project is a key aspect of successful project management. However, how do you filter out noise and only tune in to necessary conversations? How do you ensure that your project participants only receive email notifications for records that they participated in? ProjectSight now offers the ability to selectively disable email notifications. You'll find these new settings in the record settings area of portfolio & project settings.

Notification settings for RFIs

Along with each notification, you can also select a report to include:

Notification settings - include a report

Project participants will now receive an email for the notifications that they subscribed to. The selected report will also be attached to the email. 

Email notification with attached report

Trimble Connect 

Connecting people with the right data at the right time is Trimble Connect’s core vision. ProjectSight’s integration with Trimble Connect is at the heart of this vision. When you create a ProjectSight project, link it to a Trimble Connect project. If you don’t have a Trimble Connect project, you can create a new one directly from the Create Project dialog box. This Trimble Connect project will then be selected by default when linking a model view to a record.

For more information on these features, please see the online help in ProjectSight. 
For more information on Trimble Connect, visit their site.