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November 2019 - New Drawing Batch Export

Drawings Batch Export

Drawings represent the plans of your construction and play a fundamental role in your project. ProjectSight's drawing management features help ensure that everyone on the project is working with the latest drawings. In addition, ProjectSight's drawing annotation features allow you to link virtually anything to your plans, bridging the chasm between design and project controls.

In this update we've added a new feature which allows you to export this powerful set of information. Whether you're collaborating offline, or exporting a final as-built of your project, ProjectSight's new download drawings feature will help you easily get the information that you need. 

Get started by selecting the drawings that you would like to export, then use the new download icon. The new Download Drawings prompt provides a series of options which allow you to customize your export, shown below:

Download Drawing batches

Excel Export & Import Enhancements

Our ongoing goal is to provide you with solutions that will save you time and money.

In this release, we expanded the Excel import/export functionality to include eight additional types of data:

  • Contracts
  • General invoices
  • Meeting minutes
  • Potential change orders
  • Purchase orders
  • Submittal packages
  • Transmittals and correspondence
  • Portfolio Budget Groups

This enhancement completes the Excel export & import functionality - you can now  export & import all data fields for most record types, including custom fields. 

For ease of use, when you export a record type, the columns in the exported Excel file will first be organized to reflect the saved list view, followed by the remaining fields.

Export Excel Files

Other Improvements

In addition to the major updates noted above, we’ve also included a series of minor enhancements in this update:

When printing to email, the activity will now be logged to the history tab.

A refresh function has been added to the forms, allowing you to quickly refresh a record to see its latest changes. Any pending changes will automatically be saved when you refresh a record.

The Trimble Connect model viewer has been updated to the latest viewer. You can learn more about the new Connect viewer here:

For more information, please see the online help section.