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October 2019 - New Daily Reports for Detailed Labor, New Custom Field Options and Excel Exports

(Release date: Oct 26, 2019)

Daily Reports - Detailed Labor

Do you want to manage your workforce at the crew level more efficiently? Use ProjectSight’s Daily Reports, which now includes more options for labor tracking.


Labor for reports


To get started, use the company form to specify your crew’s start and finish time, including their breaks.   

Image 1 - Company record - Crews

Crew Time management

Next, assign contacts to a crew and indicate their trade and classification.


Assign contacts to crew

Image 2: Company record - Contacts


Finally, configure your Daily Reports settings use the desired level of detail. This setting may be configured using either Portfolio or Project Settings. Three options are available:

  • Basic (hours/days): Use the basic (hours/days) option if you prefer to simply track the number of man hours or man days per crew. This basic mode of tracking labor does not require configuration of crew members.
  • Basic (workers & hours/days): This new option allows you to also track the number of workers for each crew. This option also does not require configuration for crew members.
  • Detailed: The detailed option allows you to calculate the number of man hours or man days based on the hours worked for each crew member.

Configure daily reports

New Custom Field Type - Spec Section

You can now add a spec section field to records such as RFIs. When you create a new custom field, select Spec Section as the type. 

New Custom Field Type - Spec Section



The custom field is added to the Additional Info tab in the record. This new field type displays a spec section popup which may be used to select a spec section. Spec sections are configured in the Portfolio or Project Settings areas.


Additional Info tab

Excel Exports

When you export records to Excel, custom fields are now included in the Excel file.


Excel exports


If you export the records from a saved list view, the Excel file displays columns for the fields in the order in which they are saved in the list view.


Display list 


For more information, please see the online help section.