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Looking for Construction Project Management Software? (You'll Want to Read This!)

ProjectSight Project Management software

At Trimble, we listen to our customers. Not just when we’re helping you sort out what solution will work best for your needs, but also when you’re telling us about your experiences and what does and doesn’t work for you. We have years of experience specific to the construction industry, so when you talk, we understand. We can appreciate your organization’s culture, pain points and requirements, and we’re ready to be your long-term partner to help you achieve your goals.

In recent years, the project management software space for the construction industry has been abuzz with activity. There is an abundance of products and point solutions on the market, a plethora of vendors competing for customers and a whole lot of salespeople looking for a hot prospect from among their hundreds of cold calls. Our customers tell us that all this noise is causing additional annoyance and angst for owners and contractors, who are already challenged enough by the complexities inherent to project management.

Pushy Project Management Sales Approaches Don’t Give You What You Need

With so many solution providers knocking on your door, it can be difficult to decide which company to work with. Overused messaging and social media bombardment can desensitize you. Aggressive vendors can have a discernible numbing effect. Even the best providers, eager to get their message across, can come in too loud and overwhelm their listeners. Overloaded with input, you may just decide to reject any and all offers.

But let’s say you’ve made it across that threshold and have opened your door to a sales presentation. All too often that salesperson is great at selling but has no idea what your needs are. The idea is to dazzle you with demos that have everything to do with a product and nothing to do with how you do business.

Then comes the moment of truth. Do you really know who you’re dealing with? Finding the right solution and the right partner are important decisions. There are a lot of new technologies and solution providers popping up in the construction industry. Many of these new companies are just beginning their journey and they haven’t yet defined a path to success. Will they establish roots and grow with you? Or will they be acquired, forcing you to start over building a relationship with their new parent company?

There’s a lot of churn in this industry, which can lead to account manager turnover and eventually lost continuity with your business. Managing construction projects comes with enough inherent difficulties; you don’t need the sales process to be another one.

The Trimble Difference

From day one, we listen to you. We do it with the goal of building a relationship that will last for years. We want to understand your needs, your challenges and where you see your business going over the next five to ten years. And we want to understand the requirements and goals of every stakeholder. When you adopt new technology, it affects many users, all of whom can have varying needs and perspectives.

With this knowledge, we can provide exceptional value in helping you evaluate and select a solution that will work for you now — and as you grow. Together, we can work to identify the right solutions for you and to develop a unified solution and implementation process that works across your organization.

“At Trimble, we’re customer-focused. Our mission is to transform the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds, always remaining centered on you and your needs.”

At Trimble, we’re customer-focused. Our mission is to transform the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds, always remaining centered on you and your needs. The foundation that supports our customer focus is our deep expertise in the construction industry. This is not always the case with other companies, who often have salespeople whose specialty is selling, not construction. We know your world and we speak your language.

And we can take “no” for an answer. Because we go to great lengths to understand your business through our discovery process, we understand when our solutions are not the right fit — and we’ll tell you so. Our goal as a customer-driven company is to align what you’re looking for with what we can deliver. Honesty and integrity are hallmarks of Trimble’s culture, and that’s not subject to compromise.

Experience Matters

You need a provider that has extensive experience with construction projects of all sizes and in many industries across the country. And you need to be able to count on your project management solution vendor to be here for many years to come. At Trimble, we’ve been serving customers in the construction space for 25 years, and we’ll be around for many more. We believe that we’re successful when you’re successful. Our mutual success comes from the strong relationships we build together, based on your needs and supported by our expertise.

Trimble has unparalleled industry experience and knowledge, grounded in a culture of customer-centricity and a long-term partnership perspective. Our status as a large and solid organization adds value to our partnership with you.

We’re accountable to you — and you can count on us.