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Managing the Cost of Change on Your Construction Projects

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Managing the cost of change on your construction requires control of project schedules and budgets and the right technology Learn more below.

We all know that construction project schedules and budgets drive profitability and that technology has certainly helped improve documentation for contractors and owners. Managing the cost of change on your construction is the key to success.

Yet, data control and visibility are still fraught with challenges, largely due to disconnected and disparate systems. Just documenting schedules and budgets is not enough in today’s fast-track environment, particularly when it comes to effective change management. 

Unstructured construction project change management workflows result in lost productivity and project control. A change amount noted in a spreadsheet and then emailed in PDF form to a controller may seem like an efficient method, but in reality, there’s very little control.  The spreadsheet data can be modified at any time without the controller knowing it, resulting in a loss of control. As well, the email method of communication limits visibility and transparency.  

Control, visibility and transparency

Control, visibility and transparency to a change in the field starts where it happens—in the field. That connection requires the integration of project controls with design documents and models. 

Using mobile devices, field crews can precisely identify issues by notating directly on top project drawings and models. These issues can then be reviewed collaboratively by the project stakeholders, and when necessary, escalated to official change orders. 

construction field management

The field connection is where the true value of ProjectSight shines, providing a streamlined platform for field crews to document issues and escalate problems or changes to other members of the team. The integration of design and project management eliminates the risk of the unknown by providing complete visibility in the field and the office throughout the change management process. As well, the solution manages all potential risks and changes that may impact scope, schedule and budget of your projects.

Bottom line, construction is a low margin business, and those contractors that don’t effectively manage change will see the effects on the profits. Empower your team members by creating a singular, connected experience.