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ProjectSight Product Release Blog

Stay up to date on all the great new enhancements that are coming to ProjectSight—inspired by requests and needs from you, our customers! 

We’ll update this blog as the enhancements roll in, so check back regularly for updates!

New ProjectSight Product Releases:

A lot of TLC has gone into Trimble's project management solution lately. Read on to see improvements to budget tracking, the new Vista connection, ProjectSight mobile updates, photo management, and more!

Budget Improvements in ProjectSight

Budget Units & Hours

The addition of units and hours will allow customers to go beyond tracking lump sum values by adding quantity and hours fields throughout the Budget & Cost Management module.

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

Budget Custom Views

In order to provide improved visualization and reporting in the budget module, the custom views feature has been added to this area. 

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

ERP Integrations

We’re working with the Trimble Data Xchange team to connect ProjectSight to Viewpoint Spectrum and Viewpoint Vista, and will be enhancing those integrations to support the new unit & hours capabilities.

For Vista we sync phase code and budget code units, hours, unit price, and amounts. Look for similar functionality in Spectrum coming up next!

New ProjectSight + Viewpoint Vista Connections

Let’s go back to that ProjectSight and Vista integration by Data Xchange: There’s a lot to love here. We’re on Phase 1, and here the workflows included now:

Core Configuration 

All Vista Customers and Vendors are available in ProjectSight to be imported as new companies or linked to existing ProjectSight companies. This creates tight relationship of customer and vendor data across Vista and ProjectSight, ensuring that records such as Subcontracts and Change Orders are associated with the correct companies.

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

Project Setup

Vista Jobs can be linked to ProjectSight Projects, which initiates the integration of project data. This allows users to create new projects in their preferred system and then link them when ready. ProjectSight Prime Contracts are automatically created from Vista JC Contracts when the JC Job is selected to be synced to ProjectSight.

Budget Management

Whether your processes are to create Budget Items in ProjectSight first or Job Phases in Vista first, this feature has you covered. The integration ensures the budget is accurately maintained between ProjectSight and Vista so users can confidently work in either system. After the ProjectSight Budget Item is linked to a Vista Job Phase, any direct edits or budget transfers performed in ProjectSight will be reflected in Vista.


Authorized users can send Subcontracts and Purchase Orders from ProjectSight to Vista to keep Job Costs in line and ensure that Accounts Payable is ready for invoices - all without any dual entry. Alternatively, Subcontracts and Purchase Orders can be sent from Vista to ProjectSight. The integration's flexibility allows you to determine in which system commitments are originated, and the system takes care of the rest.

Change Management

When ProjectSight Potential Change Orders are sent to Vista, a PM Pending Change Order will be created for any pending or approximate changes. Once a change order is approved, Pending PM Change Orders will be removed and a JC Internal Contract Change Order will be created for the approved changes. Subcontract Change Orders can be sent from ProjectSight to Vista by authorized users.

ProjectSight + Spectrum Updates

You can link jobs, customers, and vendors, as well as sync phase codes and budget codes and send commitments to Spectrum. Additional functionality is coming to the ProjectSight/Spectrum integration in the near future.

New Photo Management with ProjectSight

Record Integration

The photos module is integrated with other record types (such as RFIs), allowing for easy linking/navigation between records. It also synchronizes photos attachments and their versions to the quick upload folder.


Enhanced permissions allow for administrators to easily control access levels.

Photos Area

The photos area contains all photos from the project, including ones uploaded prior to this release.

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

What’s New for ProjectSight Mobile?

There are so many great updates for ProjectSight… and we’ve got you covered on the mobile app, too!

Capture and Edit Multiple Photos at Once

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

Select Existing Photos from Camera Roll, Edit and Bulk Upload

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

Prevent loss during capture

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

View and change photo properties (rename, add location, etc.)

ProjectSight Product Release Blog

That’s all for now! Be sure to bookmark this post and check back for the latest and greatest ProjectSight product updates!